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Returning or Exchanging a Defective Product

Returning or Exchanging a Defective Product

  1. Upon receiving your product, please inspect its condition immediately. If you find any defect, please notify us within 3 days from the date on which the product was delivered to you. In addition, within a period of 14 days from the date on which the product was delivered to you, if the product is damaged despite correct and reasonable use, please notify us. (Please refer to the additional terms on defects.) In this case, please include a photo, an explanation, and the receipt for our investigation. No claims may be made for any other cases. If you need to return a product to the Company, you must place the product in its original packaging and in the same condition as when it was sent from the Company to you. 

  2. If the product was paid for by a bank transfer, you will receive your refund within 3–5 working days from the day on which the Company has accepted the returned product. If the product was paid with a credit card, the refund amount will go back to the credit card used, which will be reflected on your credit card statement. 

We will not be held liable if a product is found to be defective from the following causes: 

  1. the use of paint, solution, or chemical, e.g. a hard or corrosive cleaning agent;

  2. exposure to the elements or strong chemical powder, e.g. construction dust, extreme temperatures, or lime with high sodium content; 

  3. any attempt to test, improve, or modify the product, or improper installation or assembly, against written instructions or suggestions;

  4. the failure to follow usage instructions, bad or incorrect care, inappropriate care, wrong usage, bad usage, intentionally causing damage, unreasonable use or overuse, or experimenting on the product; or 

  5. delivery or improper product care 


If a product is proven to be defective per our criteria after an investigation, we will either send a replacement per the agreement made after the discovery of the defect or replace only the defective part(s). The decision to do one or the other is subject to the sole discretion of the Company.

If the defective product is no longer in production or out of use at the time of the replacement request is made, according to the warranty, we may send a product or products of the same value or in a comparable color, or refund the price for the defective part(s) to you. The decision is subject to the sole discretion of the Company.

In instances of repair or exchange, the warranty period is still subject to the date of the first invoice. There are no guarantees or period of guarantee added for clearance products or products sold at special prices in special occasions for stock clearance, or sold in special occasions that promote sales, including those sold in large bundles, display products, or products sold according to a set list. Used products in the showroom are not included in the warranty and the Company will not accept a return for these products. In these instances, you will be given special discounted prices. These products have limited availability. 

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