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Brand Story

DIY : Design It Yourself Furniture, limitless possibilities.
Maison Galpa was founded in 1987 with the goal of producing durable furniture in Thailand for Thai customers. We were able to keep costs down and prices low by concentrating on designs that could be mass produced. 


To ensure functional versatility, we devoted much of our attention to the sizes and proportions of each component. Since our products were practical, affordable, and could be found at most local furniture stores, they were in high demand.  


Today, we are going the extra mile to make our products even more accessible. Our clientele prefers the convenience of technology, and we strive to cater to their needs and wants with our new platform and designs. 


Modular Systems

The Maison Galpa modular system leverages our factories’ abilities to manufacture segmental furniture units that can be configured in a variety of ways to meet modern-day consumers’ needs and wants. It’s completely customisable. The pieces can be stacked or placed next to each other, however you see fit.  


Drag, Drop and Design

To help you visualise your configuration, the Maison Galpa team has developed the Drag & Drop Design feature on our online platform. You will be able to see what your design could look like in real life and get an estimate of how much it’s going to cost you. 


Let Maison Galpa help you design your dream space. 

Our Philosophy

“We believe in designing and creating products that are good for our clients and great for the world.” 

At Maison Galp, we take our responsibilities towards our clients and the world seriously. We work tirelessly to deliver the best quality furniture possible to our customers while ensuring eco-friendliness. We operate under the philosophy:

“Sustainable. Specific. Simple.” 


The minimalist nature of our furniture makes every piece timeless and easy to put together. The modular system allows you to reconfigure the pieces to get a new look whenever you need or want to. You can change things up on a whim instead of buying new pieces all the time. It’s a more sustainable approach to design. 



Having been in the business since 1987, we know how to minimise waste in our production lines. Our products also come in reusable packaging, further reducing our footprint on the environment.


Our moisture-, heat-, and scratch-resistant melamine-faced chipboard is made from sugar cane and cassava, making it biodegradable. Its low formaldehyde content makes it safe for both consumers and the environment. 

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